dental-crownA dental crown refers to a tooth shaped cap that is placed over a specially prepared tooth. It generally covers the entire visible portion of the tooth and works to restore the strength, shape, size, and the overall health of the tooth in cases where a tooth has lost a major part of its structure. There are various types of crowns, including full metal/gold , all ceramic, and porcelain fused to metal.  Each type comes with its own advantages and in some cases disadvantage and our dentists will be happy to explain these to you.

At our office creating dental crowns requires two appointments, the first appointment involves numbing and preparing the tooth, followed by a final impression and the placement of a temporary crown.

Over the next two weeks, the lab will work in stages to fabricate a crown from that final impression that we took at the first appointment. Our consistent use of only the best quality supplies ensures a high quality product every time. Once the crown is fabricated, the lab will deliver the crown to our office where it is thoroughly inspected, and all the necessary adjustment are made. The second appointment involves cementing of the crown on the tooth and typically no anesthesia is required for this step.

Some offices advertise single appointments for crowns, it is our opinion that the single appointment crown is still inferior to the lab manufactured crown and until the quality is equal or better we feel it is best to use a lab.

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