With the rise of general cosmetics in our world today, cosmetic dentistry follows the trend as well. At Hatcher Dental we are trained and equipped to perform a wide range of cosmetic dental services to cater to your preference and budget. We seek to not only provide these services, but to equip you with the necessary knowledge concerning each service. Navigate below to learn about one of these services:

Dental Crowns

Dentists use crowns or caps to cover a broken, misshapen, or discolored tooth in order to both restore its appearance and provide strength and support to the damaged tooth. One of the main issues with broken or decayed teeth is that they will continuously damage itself due to lack of support. A crown will minimize recurring damage, which could lead to the loss of the tooth altogether without the treatment.

While dental crowns are mostly used for adults, pediatric dentists will occasionally recommend crowns for primary teeth in children. This could be due to a tooth that has decayed extensively or fractured, and needs to be restored to proper shape to avoid further issues.

Below are the different types of crowns that can be used.

Types of dental crowns

Stainless steel crowns:
  • These are primarily used for pediatric use. They are temporary, hollow caps that are applied to primary teeth to keep them from decay and further damage until the tooth falls out.
Porcelain fused to metal crowns:
  • These crowns fuse porcelain to a metal base. The porcelain is matched with the surrounding tooth, making it a more attractive cosmetic choice.
All porcelain:
  • The porcelain crown matches the tooth enamel and therefore makes it the most natural appearing solution. However, they are more brittle and have the potential to chip easier than metal. Because of this they are not recommended for bicuspids and molars as the constant chewing poses a potential problem for damaging the crown.
Other materials for making crowns...
  • Other materials include resin or metal. These are not used as often as they are less cosmetically appealing.

Once you have chosen the type of dental crown you need, rush to our dental office to get hands on treatment from one of the most professional team of dentists in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe & Gilbert and that too, at pocket friendly prices.