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Looking for a “Dentist Near Me”?

When it’s time to visit the dentist, you want one near Phoenix, Arizona, so you can get there whenever you need, whether it’s close to home or work. At Dental Design Studios, our dentists offer the general dentistry you need, plus cosmetic and restorative family dental care to take care of every member of the family. Our dental clinic takes great pride in making sure each of our patients has the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. It all starts with quality preventive dental care, including cleanings and x-rays, to make sure there are no problems and to identify issues in their early stages. If problems do arise, we have the equipment and skills to help you restore your smile.

It All Starts with Good Oral Hygiene

We recommend our patients see us at least once every six months to ensure they get the cleanings and x-rays they need to ensure good dental health. This is in addition to brushing and flossing daily. After a thorough examination, our dentists in Phoenix, Arizona, can help patients identify areas of weakness in their oral hygiene habits, as well as any problems that may be in their early stages. The earlier these issues are taken care of, the less cost the patients will have and the fewer more intensive treatments they will require. Each of our appointments allows for plenty of time for patients to ask questions and for our dentists to educate patients on the importance of good oral hygiene and regular visits to our dental clinic.

We Are Also a Pediatric Dentist

There’s no need to find another dentist in Phoenix, Arizona, to ensure all of your family’s dental needs are met. We work with patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, giving you the quality care you need. We strive to make the environment as comfortable and friendly as possible for children so they don’t feel intimidated by visiting the dentist. Our staff works hard to educate children on the importance of brushing regularly and protecting their teeth for a lifetime of healthy smiles. The earlier you expose your child to regular dental clinic visits, the more likely they are to continue with it throughout their adult lives later.

Need Emergency Dental Services in Phoenix, Arizona?

We understand issues can arise outside regular business hours. These problems often benefit from fast treatment, which is why we offer emergency dental services. You’ll never have to wait too long, giving the problem a chance to worsen or suffering through the pain longer than necessary. Our dental team is ready to provide the dental care you need when you need it most. Fast action can mean the difference between a fast, effective treatment and having to go through a much longer treatment process that will cost more in the long run. Contact us today at 602-641-3634 to schedule your appointment so you can start enjoying a healthy, beautiful smile once again.

Convenient Appointments

When you need to see the dentist in Gilbert, Arizona, you want one that offers convenient appointments that work with your busy schedule. In addition to offering convenient appointment times for our patients, we also offer emergency dental services if you encounter a problem outside of normal business hours. We understand how important it is to take care of these problems in a timely manner, especially if you’re dealing with pain or other discomfort. The faster these issues are handled, the less likely you’ll experience problems that cost more in the long run.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment by calling 602-641-3634. We’re waiting to help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Our Dental Services

A beautiful smile can open personal, professional, and social doors that you never knew existed. Investing in a new smile that you can feel proud of sharing in photographs or a laugh with your neighbor is about more than just changing the perceptions of other people…it’s about a personal transformation that changes the way you feel about yourself. With the help of our cosmetic dentist, you can make it a real possibility.

Are you looking for a family dentist that you can trust for all of your families dental needs? At Dental Design Studio our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our patients and their families built upon trust, friendship, and the very best quality of care.