Preventive Dentistry

Why is Preventive Dental Care Important?

Your teeth are some of the most often-used parts of your body. With all the chewing, biting, and pressure that you put on your teeth, it’s very important to give them the routine care that they need. Yet, routine dental care is something that we often neglect. Many adults go to visit their dentists only when it is too late. The majority of dental problems can be avoided just by practicing preventive care.

Having good teeth is not just about health, either–it’s a financial issue as well. Some dental procedures are involved and expensive, but the good news is that they can be solved just with a check-up every 6 to 12 months.

Why else is a visit to the dentist important? See for yourself:

  • You can simply improve your self-confidence with a healthier and more visible smile.
  • You’ll know that your teeth are not only beautiful, but healthy as well. Routine dental cleanings and check-ups can catch any serious conditions instantly, and prevent infections or disease like Periodontal disease or Gingivitis.
  • Your teeth are important–you want to keep them as long as you can and make it a goal to have a healthy mouth throughout your entire life. Not taking the time to see the dentist on a regular basis leaves you open not only to losing teeth, but also to a series of other conditions. Did you know that an unhealthy mouth has been linked to heart disease?


What You Can Expect From Dental Design Studio

In addition to our experienced team of doctors and friendly staff, Dental Dental Studio offers competitive prices, a wide-range of services using the latest dental technology and equipment, and consistently superior results for our patients. The following are some of the services we offer:

Cosmetic and Corrective

Some patients who walk through our doors no longer want to feel ashamed of their smiles. It’s never too late to do cosmetic corrections for your teeth. If you’re a new patient, we’ll make certain that you get the smile you’ve been dreaming of with the following services.

Dental Consultation

– Free dental consultations. If you’re a new patient and would like to sit down with one of our dentists to get a professional opinion, we are happy to discuss your situation and develop a plan.


Dental Cleanings

– Annual dental cleanings are vital to ensure the long-term health of your teeth, as well as maintaining a white smile, and warding off plaque and gum disease. Schedule your cleaning today!

Dental X-Ray

– X-Rays are a great way to get ahead of any issues with your teeth. Dentists can use them to develop a plan or recommend a procedure to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

– The Philips Zoom whitening is one of the most popular whitening procedures today, and can safely whiten your teeth up to 8 shades without harming your teeth’s enamel. Ask your dentist about special offers for Zoom whitening.

Invisalign Braces and Invisalign Express
  • Invisalign Braces and Invisalign Express. Painful and uncomfortable braces are a thing of the past, and our office proudly helps clients of all ages correct their teeth with Invisalign Invisalign offers some patients a more comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional braces and also cuts back on dental office visits. All patients who wish to take advantage of our Invisalign procedure may do so at a discount of $2700 for Express and $3900 for a Full case.


Dental Veneers

– Veneers are an alternative to the traditional braces or the new Invisalign technology for cosmetic improvement of your teeth. Veneers are essentially “shells” of ceramic material that encase your teeth giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. Ask your dentist about pricing for this alternative treatment.

Other Dental Procedures

Other Dental Procedures

-Crowns. Aside from helping the look of your smile, crowns can help protect your teeth from further damage or infection, it can make activities like chewing and talking more comfortable, and they can help your teeth last longer. Right now we’re offering a $695 price per crown.

-Extractions and wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are often the number one culprits of an overcrowded mouth. This can not only result in infection, but also damage to the surrounding teeth. We have helped many patients find comfort with our extraction procedures, and they’re now financially easier with our $25 discount per extraction.

-Root canals. We have comprehensive experience performing root canals for patients. In addition to answering all your questions before the procedure and using the most advanced tools, we aim to make the surgery as comfortable as possible. There’s no reason why cost should be a barrier to getting such an important procedure. Right now our dental studio is offering $100 discounts on root canals.

Consult With One of Our Expert Dentists

Whether you’re new to our dental office or are a regular patient of ours, we enjoy answering any questions that you may have. Call Dental Design Studio to schedule a consultation with one of our dentists and let us help you get a new smile for this year.